What is the size of the pull basket


Pull basket belongs to hardware things, in the cabinet, wardrobe inside, according to the material of iron chrome basket, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc., different basket functions are different, the cabinet commonly used in the function of the basket is: seasoning basket, dish blue, pot blue, corner basket, monster basket, high and deep basket, etc. Commonly used in the wardrobe are trouser racks, baskets, shoe racks, tie boxes, lifting clothing racks, etc.

Pull basket size
Common cabinet basket size are set according to the commonly used overall cabinet size, common cabinet cabinet body has 600 cabinets, 700 cabinets, 720 cabinets, 750 cabinets, 800 cabinets, 900 cabinets five different cabinets, so according to the different cabinets, the same depth of cabinet basket size is not the same. It can be seen that the size of the cabinet basket is mainly affected by factors such as cabinet body and depth.
Take cabinets with a depth of 42 cm and 45.5 cm as an example:
1. Common cabinet basket size with a depth of 42cm (width and height cm): 52.3*14cm for 600 cabinets, 62.3*14cm for 700 cabinets, 64.3*14cm for 720 cabinets, 66.6*14cm for 750 cabinets, 72.3*14cm for 800 cabinets, 82.3*14cm for 900 cabinets.

2. Common cabinet basket size with a depth of 45.5cm (width*height/cm): 600 cabinet body is 56.5*20cm, 700 cabinet body is 66.5*20cm, 720 cabinet body is 68.5*20cm, 750 cabinet body is 71.5*20cm, 800 cabinet body is 76.5*20cm, 900 cabinet body is 86.5*20cm.